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We have been buying and selling websites for over 10 years.  

Website Investor & Broker

Joe Burrill – Website Investor and Broker
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My name is Joe Burrill and I have been buying and selling website businesses since 2012.

 My journey started with a nest egg of money I had saved. I soon learned that you could have your money work for you and earn more for you. So I went on the hunt for some quality education programs

My reputation

This is when I met Matt and Liz Raad, who to this day, mentored me in the art of buying, renovating and selling websites. I finished their high end mentoring course top of the class, and was dubbed a “Deadset Legend”.

On Stage with Matt and Liz Raad

I strongly recommend you check them out and see if they might be able to help you start your online empire, just as they did for me and many others.
Learn From Matt & Liz RaaD

Buy with confidence

Having bought so many sites myself, I know what a buyer wants to see when looking at a business to buy. It is this insight that helps me portray the businesses I sell in a way they are confident to buy.

Because of all of this experience and good feedback, I am the only broker on Flippa to have every badge they offer and have never had less than 100% good feedback.
I pride myself in the quality of my well-crafted listing descriptions, and now, I can help you with the same.

Feel free to take a look at my current listings by viewing my Flippa Profile.

The Team

Without these fine talented people, I would not be able to run this brokerage:

Carmen Fourie

Natalie Chaves

Carmen finds great pride in being the "right hand woman" and first full time employee of Just Website brokerage. She has an active role in almost all aspects of the business and is fully committed to client satisfaction. Though it is not all work and no play, she has a bubbly personality with a healthy obsession with plants!
Natalie is my Life partner and has a more or less “invisible” role within the company. She supports me where no one else can and is the first in line to be the next full time broker. She is the brains of the whole operation, without whom, I wouldn't have gotten half as far. Being Swedish, she also loves improving her tan!

Aiman Bukhari

Joe Burrill

Joe Burrill
Aiman is my go to Data guy! He is the one who manages most of the KPIs, data verification and screenshots. He has also completed a Bachelor of Material Engineering at USM. Loyal and dependable, he has been a part of the team since before I started the Brokerage.
Founder and CEO of Just Website Brokerage Pty Ltd. Started buying and selling websites in 2012 and started the brokerage in 2019. I may be at the helm, but couldn't do it without the rest of my team. I am also a Crossfit competitor, sauna enthusiast and devoted father.

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