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Jim L.

Joe is an awesome seller! Patient, helpful, generous, a great communicator, and fantastic record-keeper. His websites are already performing better than when he listed them. I highly recommend him.

Elizabeth M.
It is a great pleasure to deal with Joe – jwburri. He is honest, at all times professional, always courteous, and ready to help with any issues may they arise. We recommend him highly.

What we do for you

Professional Listing Description

We custom write your listing description (prospectus) to be as appealing as possible to buyers.

Compile and Organise Data

Organise all of the important information and data into what I call KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Spreadsheet that can easily be shared with interested buyers.

We help you succeed

I have a contact at Flippa who helps by promoting your listing to Flippa's vast user base, including social media mentions, newsletter inclusions and occasional homepage featured listings.

Leverage my Reputation on Flippa

Sites listed under sellers with Super seller, Premium seller and Broker badges naturally rank high in the search results and create more trust  for the buyer.

Increased Chance for Editor's Choice

We work hard to portray your business in its best possible light so that it will be more likely to be awarded an Editor's Choice badge.

Professionally Managed Leads

We manage the listing for you, answering questions, organise buyer/seller calls and take care of all the leads.

*Editor's Choice Badges are the crème de la crème of all the badges and will literally put you right at the top of the search results and also on the home page. We obviously cannot guarantee this badge since it is not up to me, but I can put in a good word for the business listing and help you to organise the information in a way that will increase your chances of getting one.
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